Dye It Yourself

diy_partiesDye It Yourself


  • Tie-a-Dye offers DIY (dye-it-yourself) tie-dye sessions, parties and workshops.
  • We can host your private group event accommodating up to 30 participants, weather permitting, in our private courtyard.
  • Our tie-dye events, parties and workshops are at our 27 S Main Street, Phoenixville, PA location, you can call us @ 610-933-7606 or submit the contact form with your contact information, and we will get back to you.

Guided Dye Sessions

The base plan is $25 per person and includes one high-quality white tee shirt, dyes, gloves and all application tools. The fee includes either a complete rinse and wash service or we can package the wet dye to rinse yourself at home. Half the fun it opening the dye for the first time, but it’s up to you.

We allow 15 minutes at the dye station for each piece. We will provide as much or as little guidance as you prefer. If you like, we will demonstrate the making of a tie-dye at the beginning of the session to break the ice. (Note: 2XL and larger tees are an additional $5)

Our Specialty Tie-Dye Packages

Tie-Dye Date Night

Reserve the tie-dye station for two for an hour. Bring your beverage of choice and we’ll provide the rest. Chose from tee shirts, hoodies or scarves. Special couples pricing starts at $45 for two tees.

Tie-Dye Double-Date Night

Reserve the tie-dye station for four for an hour or two. Bring your beverage of choice and we’ll provide the rest. Chose from tee shirts, hoodies or scarves. Special double-date pricing starts at $80 for four tees.

You Say it’s Your Birthday?  Tie-Dye for Free!

Show us evidence that your birthday was within 3-days of your visit and you can tie-dye for FREE with the attendance of at least two friends paying full price, starting at $25 for each friend. Call for more details.

The Dye-It-Yourself’er

If you prefer to provide your own garments, bring your 100% Cotton, Bamboo, Rayon, Linen or other natural fiber garments, and you can rent the dye station by the hour for $20 an hour plus $5 per garment.  This includes limited assistance from our staff for prepping dyes and other consumables.


To schedule an event please contact us at 610-933-7606 or submit the contact form, and we will get back to you.

For larger private events, we request at least a 10-day notice to prepare all required materials and dyes.


Food and Drink

Our sponsored workshops will have various themes and will be advertised with details related to food and beverages for each event.

At private events for adults: All alcoholic beverages must be BYOB, and attendees are responsible for dispensing any alcoholic beverages to their guests. We can provide limited refrigeration and coolers.

If you chose to bring your own food and beverage be sure to bring all necessary cups, plates, and utensils.

It is requested that anyone hosting a DIY Tie-Dye event arrive an hour early for preparation.

DIY Tie-Dye Party Outline

There are numerous variations of presentation depending on audience and customer preference, but the general process is listed below.

  • A welcome presentation by Tie-a-Dye staff.
    • Any additional introductory words from host if private event
  • Quick Tie-Dye history presentation
    • If event focuses on a particular style of tie-dye we will cover that in depth and may include demonstration video
  • Discuss the importance and method of preparation.
    • Overview of dye process, a little knowledge will yield better confidence and results for attendees
    • How our process works to set expectations for each attendee
  • Options for taking project home that day or leaving garments for us to rinse and wash.
  • There are usually snacks a drinks before getting started. People can snack and socialize while waiting their turn for access to soak, fold and dye stages.
  • Attendees work their way through the tying and dying stations
    • Depending on number of attendees, we may utilize courtyard patio and outdoor tables
  • Music and videos play and guests can control content using our multimedia displays
  • There will be staff on hand to assist with each phase of the process
  • After everyone has had a turn, people can go back through the process with additional garments.
  • Guests can decide either to take item home and rinse and wash themselves OR we can rinse, wash and dry for future pickup.
  • We make our facility available for continued socializing during non business hours.

Contact us today for more information: 610-933-7606 or submit the contact form, and we will get back to you.